Artificial Topiay

The beautiful topiary in our line are made for both indoor and outdoor use and range in height from 5 inches on up to 15 feet. We even have some that are shaped like bunnies, teddy bears, and frogs. What better way is there to add both greenery and whimsy to a space?

Topiary is made by carefully pruning and shaping evergreen perennial bushes and trees into a desired shape. Keeping topiaries, in shape means constant work to clip away new growth. Artificial topiary trees give you the same beautiful manicured look without all of the upkeep.

Faux Topiary goes perfectly with nearly every home style and is also a great way to add height to a flowerbed or garden. Use them to add much-needed greenery to transitional spaces such as sun rooms and foyers. Smaller fake topiaries are perfect for narrow spaces, such as mantles and ledges. They are also an excellent addition to office lobbies, clubhouses, and other corporate buildings.

Our huge line of fake topiaries includes boxwood topiary, cypress, rosemary, cedar, tea leaf, and other popular varieties. Outdoor topiary come in ball, double ball, triple ball, spiral, double spiral, cone, triangular, rectangular, and square shapes. Whether you are looking for a pair of classic topiaries to flank a doorway with or a modern topiary to hide an unsightly support beam, we have you covered.

Our artificial topiary come to you already potted in either a plain plastic pot or a beautiful decorative urn. If you choose one with a plastic pot, it can easily be placed inside the urn or ceramic pot of your choice or wrapped in beautiful burlap and tied off with a bow or length of rope. Come the holidays, a strand of lights wrapped around them will make them the showcase of your decorations.