Silk Artifical Plants

Flank a fireplace with a pair of elegant artificial plants like spathiphyllum plants. Place a couple contemporary succulents on a mantle, hang a wreath on the door, or dress up your dining room with one of our tabletop beauties. Both your home and office will benefit from the warmth and joy that a plant can bring to a space.

Lifelike Artificial plants give you that natural look you are after without any of the allergens or maintenance. Our incredible selection of synthetic plants includes greenery, floor plants, house plants, tropical plants, succulents, hanging plants, cactus and more. Plants are essential to the design of any home or office and our selection is hard to beat.

We know that every residential and corporate space is unique and that is why we offer such an extensive collection of silk plants. Some of our most popular varieties include cactus, aloe, sansevieria, dieffenbachia, bird of paradise, and bromeliads. With a selection like this, it is easy to find the ideal plant for any space.

Not only do fake plants warm up a space and make it a feel a bit more inviting, but they are also a great way to enhance the theme of a room. A big bird of paradise is ideal for a tropical decor while a traditional ivy hanging plant has a way of saying cozy country cottage. Artificial plants even give you the ability to showcase a plant that would not otherwise thrive under your climate conditions.

Finding fake plants that are right for you is easy when you narrow your search by height, variety, width, color, price, or even use. We have both indoor and fake outdoor plants available, depending upon your specific need. All of our plants have one thing in common and that is their exceptional quality. Only top quality materials go into the construction of our plants, contributing to their durability.