Artificial Outdoor Plants and Trees

Fake Outdoor Trees and Plants

Boost your curb appeal while cutting down on your weekly to-do list with our incredible selection of artificial outdoor plants and trees. This collection includes artificial outdoor palm trees, boxwood bushes, cedar trees, maple trees, outdoor artificial flowers, and so much more. With so much variety available, it is easy to do everything from landscaping an entire yard to adding a little flare to a window box or patio. Use a boxwood mat to elevate a chain link fence or to decorate a trellis.

As real as they look, our fake outdoor flowers are made out of top quality plastic. This carefully chosen material gives the finished product a natural look while still being strong enough to stand up to the elements. The true beauty is in the small details, such as the texture of the stems and the complex coloring of the leaves and petals.

Artificial outdoor trees come both potted and unpotted, giving you ultimate versatility. Set the trees in rock, cement, or directly in the ground for an incredibly natural look. The potted ones can be displayed as-is and are a great way to add a bit of greenery to a deck or patio.

These outdoor trees are also an excellent choice for rooms that get a lot of natural sunlight, such as enclosed sunrooms, Florida rooms, and breakfast nooks. Whether you start with just one or choose a whole garden full of these special plants, you are sure to be elated with the results.

What makes our artificial trees & plants so special is that each and every piece is made specifically for outdoor use. Each of the flowers, plants, trees, and stems in this collection is UV protected, ensuring that it will stay looking great season after season. This protection ensures that the leaves and stems will not fade when exposed to the sun, even in the hottest climates.