Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are the focal point of all holiday decorations and our artificial Christmas trees are sure to amaze you. We carry every size and type of tree that you could possibly want, including full trees, slim trees, pine trees, flocked trees, spruce trees, fir trees, tinsel trees, even colorful and whimsical trees. Our trees range in size from small 2-foot versions right on up to large 15-foot showpieces. These beauties are available in both unlit and pre-lit versions. Some of our special trees even feature burlap-wrapped bases, pinecones, and artificial berries.

Although each artificial tree for Christmas is very different, one thing that they all have in common is that they are made out of top quality materials and are truly built to last. When you bring home any of our trees you know that it will be a part of your home for many years to come. Browse our extensive collection until you find the one that fits in perfectly with your decorating theme.

Our collection of mid to high end fake Christmas trees will enliven your home with the proper amount of tips and filling. Faux Christmas trees come in 2 types; PVC and PE/PVC trees. PVC trees are traditional style trees with thin needles that are inherently fire retardant. PE/PVC xmas trees use plastic needles on the outside of the tree and PVC needles as filler on the interior of the tree. Some people like the sparkle and feel of the PE/PVC trees over tradional trees.

Customers also ask us the value of pre-lit Christmas trees vs. un-lit Christmas trees. Prelit trees are designed and wired to make it easy for you to set up the tree and just plug it in. There is even technology now that makes the center pole the conduit and you just drop the poles in and plug the tree in and it lights up. But we love unlit christmas trees too, and use them all the time for trees where we are showcasing a wide arrany of garland and oraments that just don't need any lighting to make them shine. Just remember to replace the bulbs on your pre-lit trees once a year to extend the life of your light strands.