Artificial Christmas Trees

Enjoy a wide selection of artificial Christmas trees for your home or office during the holiday season! Each is made of quality silk and we provide zoom-in imagery so you can see them exactly as they would be delivered to you. Choose artificial trees of virtually any size - 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet, and 12 feet. Also, choose from full or slim, natural or pre-lit.

There's nothing phony about the artificial Christmas trees we sell at Artificial Plants and Trees. Those who own artificial Christmas trees love them for their convenience and economic sensibility. Year after year, they pull the same impeccable tree from the attic, with no money spent after the initial investment, and no time spent tending to their artificial trees. But you're wondering if artificial trees fosters the same Christmas ambiance as a live tree. The unequivocal answer is, yes. In fact, artificial Christmas trees are arguably closer to the ideal tree than the kind you cut down at the tree farm. That's because we offer no shortage of the most beloved tree species, like spruce trees, fir trees, and pine trees. The best Christmas tree shape is a matter of opinion, and it depends on the kind of space you have to work with. We offer all types of PVC trees at Artificial Plants and Trees: Slim trees for customers who like a sleek silhouette, full trees for those who want to fill up a room, and pencil trees for folks who need a tree for tight quarters. Not to complicate things further, but the variety of artificial Christmas tree heights we carry is even greater. Fill the loftiest heights in your home or business with a towering artificial Christmas tree, or dress up a small corner of your office with a tabletop mini tree. We serve customers in the market for both extremes, and everything in between.

Shape and size aside, you have to determine how much character you want in your artificial Christmas tree. Some of our customers love nothing more than to decorate their home for the holidays. For them, trimming the tree is a creative process. Sound like you? Order an unlit Christmas tree if you've got your heart set on decorating from scratch. If you'd like just a little bit of help, order a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. This solves one of the bigger challenges you face when decorating the tree: stringing the lights over the branches in a way that looks half decent, without getting hurt! This way you can simply enjoy the more pleasant task of hanging your favorite Christmas ornaments in the perfect places. After lighting, there are a few more decisions before you. Do you love snow? A flocked Christmas tree lets you bring a snow-covered evergreen into your home or business. It's a majestic look, and even if you've never considered one, you might find our selection of flocked Christmas trees irresistible. Finally, colorful Christmas trees are a brilliant way to lighten the overall mood at your holiday gatherings. Pink trees, white trees, red trees, blue trees trees of pretty much any color are for sale at Artificial Plants and Trees. Think outside the green box this year!

If you need help deciding which artificial Christmas tree best suits your taste and lifestyle, please give the knowledgeable staff at Artificial Plants and Trees a call. We are here during regular business hours to assist you.