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Video Tutorial: 4th of July Wreath

Today I have a brand new video tutorial for all of you. Every month I do a custom wreath and this month, that just happens to be a patriotic 4th of July wreath. This beautiful patriotic wreath was so easy that it would make a great beginner project. Gather your supplies, check out our video, and make this 4th of July wreath just in time for your big cookout tomorrow.


  • Wreath Form (I used a twig wreath)
  • 2 Bunches of Blue Hydrangeas
  • 1 Spool Patriotic Wire Edged Ribbon
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutters

Step 1:

Prep the flowers by cutting each individual stem off from the big bunch at the bottom. Mine had 6 or 7 different stems per bunch.

Step 2:

Make a wire edged ribbon bow and secure it using a large piece of floral wire. Attach the bow to the bottom center of your wreath form using the long tails of the wire to secure it to the form. Snip off any excess wire.

Step 3:

Start adding each individual stem of hydrangea, alternating sides and positions until you have inserted half of your flowers on each side of the ribbon, working their way up the wreath form.

Step 4:

Go back and fluff up your ribbon because chances are that you flattened it while adding flowers to your wreath.

It is as easy as that to recreate this beautiful wreath. Although this is a 4th of July wreath, this same approach could be done with hydrangeas of any color. Just trade out the festive ribbon for another print and you have a completely different wreath using the same easy technique. We hope you have a happy 4th of July holiday tomorrow.

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