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Inexpensive 4th of July Decorations

I love decorating for holidays but with three young kids at home, I don’t always have a large budget for entertaining. These inexpensive 4th of July Decorations will help you get ready for that neighborhood block party without setting you back financially.

4th of July Napkin Rings

4th of July Napkin Rings

Save on Paper Products

If you go to the party supply store and look for 4th of July plates, cups, and napkins you will be shocked how much they cost. Fortunately, this holiday has one of the easiest color schemes of all time. Instead of looking for elaborate plates with American flags, opt for a bag of red solo cups, white napkins, and blue paper plates. Sometimes they are even available at the everything for $1 store.

Enjoy Free Printables

It is easy to find loads of free printables online. Printables offer that perfect finishing touch to place settings, cupcakes, and more To make it even easier, we are going to offer you free printable napkin rings. All you have to do is print them, cut them out with scissors, wrap them around your napkins, and secure the ends with a piece of clear or double sided tape.

Display Kid Art

If there are small children in your house, why not use their love for art as a way to decorate your home. Purchase large poster boards or sheets of white paper, fill a paper plate with red, white, and blue paint, and let them create beautiful artwork to display around the house.

If you are worried about keeping them entertained during the BBQ itself, use large sheets of plain white paper as placemats and set a little pack of crayons to the side of their place setting. While the adults are enjoying great conversation they can color and have a good time.

What are your favorite ways to save on holiday decorations? Let us know.

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