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Decorating Topiaries for 4th of July

Specific holiday decorations don’t have to cost a lot. It is easy to spruce up an existing artificial tree or artificial topiary for a special occasion. One of my favorite ways to do so is with a square of burlap or canvas, length of ribbon, and strand of twinkling lights. Create this beautiful 4th of July topiary or tree in just minutes.


  • Burlap or Canvas
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • Lights
  • Scissors
  • Artificial Tree

This 10-minute project is so easy to do that you will repeat it for every holiday. Go ahead and gather up all your supplies and we will get started.

Step 1:

Lay out a large piece of burlap on a flat table. The exact yardage that you need will depend on the size of the tree you are using.

Step 2:

Place the tree on top of the burlap and start gathering up the burlap until it overlaps the pot on all sides. When you have the pot positioned where you want it, lay the burlap back out and trim away any excess. Gather the burlap up in your hands one more time, cut a long piece of bakers twine or yarn you have lying around and tie the burlap to the tree trunk securely.

Step 3:

Take a long piece of ribbon and make a wire edged ribbon bow. Cover the string in a length of matching ribbon, top it off with the fluffy bow, and move on to the next and final step.

Step 4:

Last, but not least, take a couple strands of twinkle lights and wrap them up the tree like you would with christmas lights. Place the festive 4th of July tree by an outlet, plug it in, and enjoy.

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