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Solving the Problem of English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the most problematic plants that you could add to your residential landscape. Natural ivy is a naturally spreading plant that can get out of control quite quickly. If it works it’s way up neighboring trees and bushes it can compromise their integrity and eventually kill them entirely. If you are tired of constantly battling your English ivy, rip it out for good and opt for this solution instead.

Artificial English ivy looks just as beautiful as the real thing but it won’t cause you hours of backbreaking work. There are quite a few options out there for English ivy. Here are the best and how you can use them to update your landscaping.

English Ivy in Hanging Basket

English Ivy in Hanging Basket

Privacy Hedge

Are you looking to define a space or hide an unwanted eyesore such as an electrical box? If so, the ivy privacy hedges are your ideal solution. This pre-made hedge is covered with a thick covering of artificial ivy that is built to stand up to the elements and stay looking great for years.


Hanging Plants

Artificial hanging ivy is ideal for traditional porches. You can hang them from a simple hook and have the piece of mind of knowing that they aren’t going to grow and take over the deck. Use them on first floor or second floor decks and keep in mind that they look best in pairs.


Unpotted Bushes

Artificial Ivy bushes branch out from a single plastic stem that can be planted in the ground. Bunch them as closely together as you want because you don’t have to worry about them spreading or causing problems for surrounding plants. They are ideal for flowerbeds, which feature a number of different plants because they won’t steal vital nutrients away from your natural plants.


Ivy Rolls

Artificial Ivy has been permanently adhered to these great plastic grids. Just spread them out over an unsightly fence or use them to cover a wall that has seen better days. This is a great option for chain link fences because it makes them beautiful and adds privacy all at the same time.

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