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How To Turn a Balcony Into A Garden Oasis

When you live in a big city, having an outdoor balcony can be a major selling point of your apartment or condo. This valuable outdoor space is often bland and boring. Transform any standard balcony into the garden oasis of your dreams with a day worth of work and a couple easy decorating solutions. When you are done, your balcony will become your new favorite place to relax after a long day.

How To Turn a Balcony Into a Garden Oasis

High rise condos typically feature standard balcony spaces with concrete floors and metal railings. Make this little space seem just as warm and welcoming as an outdoor garden by softening these hard features and adding a ton of color to the space. We will share with you a few of our suggestions for transforming your balcony in a single weekend.

Fence Roll

1. Conceal the Railings

Although necessary for safety reasons, railing tend to be a huge
eyesore. They offer no privacy and aren’t usually much to look at.
We recommend covering these ugly railings with one of our fence
rolls. These spools of artificial greenery are easily attached with a
zip ties and can easily be removed if you move. Although it looks
like the real thing, this greenery does not require any upkeep and
causes no damage to the integrity of the railing or fence. There are
a few different types of greenery available, so choose the one that
most appeals to you.

2. Add a Rug

Soften up your concrete floor with a large area rug. Measure the dimensions of your balcony and choose the largest rug you can find that fits within those dimensions. Once in place, shoes will be optional and you can enjoy your outdoor space barefoot and comfortable. An area rug is also a great way to infuse color and style into an outdoor space.

Anderson Teak Bar Table

3. Place Appropriate Furniture

Take a moment to think about how you could best utilize your space.
Do you envision heading out there to read the paper and enjoy a
morning cup of coffee or would you rather watch the sunset and
indulge in an after-work drink? Choose furniture that is small enough
for the space and appropriate for your desired use. If you want to have
a view over the top railing, opt for a bar-height table such as this.

4. Add Plenty of Artificial Outdoor Plants

The final step may just be the most important. Choose a wide assortment of artificial outdoor trees and plants to fill in the corners of your space. What would a garden oasis be without plenty of realistic-looking plants. Place larger items in the back and surround them with smaller plants in contrasting colors. Artificial outdoor plants are an excellent choice for balconies because they never need watered and are virtually maintenance free.



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