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Top 10 Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

We have a real treat in store for you this week. Everyday this week we will be providing a top 10 list of some of our favorite Christmas decoration categories. Check back in each day and by Friday you will have everything you need to decorate for the holidays. We are going to start off our week with our top 10 Outdoor Christmas Ornaments.

Each of these ornaments has been specifically designed to hold up to the elements. Use them to decorate your favorite outdoor trees, accent an outdoor wreath, or even decorate the light sconces that flank your driveway. With so many beautiful options to choose from, you are going to want to stock up. Shop our complete collection of outdoor Christmas ornaments.

9-Inch Candy Finish Drop Ornament

1. 9-Inch Drop Ornament

This long and slender ornament looks beautiful
hanging like icicles from your outdoor trees.
These UV protected ornaments come in a 6-pack
and look beautiful when mixed and matched with
the rest of the outdoor Christmas ornaments in our
Collection. This candy finish ornament is available
in a wide range of festive colors.

6-Inch Lantern Finial Ornament

2. 6-Inch Lantern Finial Ornament

Showcase this beautiful outdoor Christmas
ornament as part of your holiday decor this year.
This candy-finish outdoor ornament is available
in a wide range of bright and trendy holiday colors.
You will receive three of these ornaments with each

5.7-Inch Onion Ornament

3. 5.7-Inch Onion Ornament

Peel back layers of style when you dress up your
outdoor decor with these onion ornaments. This
beautiful ornament comes in a 3-pack and is available
in a rainbow of colors.

8.25 Inch Finial Ornament

4. 8.25-Inch Finial Ornament

Add some elegance and glamour to your
Christmas decorations when you hang these
beautiful outdoor ornaments from your wall
sconces, mailboxes, or trees. This timeless style
will enhance every style of home. These ornaments
come in a 6-pack.

14-Inch Tear Drop Finial Ornament

5. 14-Inch Tear Drop Finial Ornament

Treat yourself to a pair of these ultra-sophisticated
tear drop finial ornaments. These large ornaments
are sure to add instant curb appeal to your home
throughout the holiday season. With so many colors
to choose from, it is easy to find one that compliments your decor.

9.5 Inch Faceted Christmas Finial

6. 9.5 Inch Faceted Christmas Finial Ornament

Watch as the light reflects off the many faceted sides
of this beautiful Christmas ornament. This ornament
features a matte finish with just the right amount of shine.
The bright red color coordinates seamlessly with most
holiday decor.

8-Inch Outdoor Crackle Christmas Ornament

7. 8-Inch Crackle Christmas Ornament

Create texture and interest on an outdoor wreath or
garland by adding plenty of these beautiful crackle
ornaments. These classic balls feature a fun finish
that sets them apart from your typical holiday decor.

6-Inch Matte Finish Ornament

8. 6-Inch Matte Finish Ornament

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a classic ball
ornament with a matte finish. This ornament in available
in a variety of sizes and colors. Pick just one or mix and
match them to decorate a larger area.

24-Inch Christmas Snowflake

9. 24-Inch Christmas Snowflake

Watch as your outdoor christmas lights bounce off the
glitter of this 24-inch Christmas snowflake ornament. This
glittered ornament really catches the light and becomes a
focal point of your outdoor decorations.

23.5 Inch Gold Foil Christmas Star

10. 23.5 Inch Gold Foil Star Ornament

When you want to make a big statement, opt for this big
and beautiful gold foil star ornament. This ornament
measures almost two feet in height. Hang it on the side
of your home’s wall or above the garage.

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