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Top 10 Lighted Christmas Decorations

Do you count down the days until you can start placing lighted Christmas decorations around your yard? Today, we are going to share our top 1o list for our favorite lighted Christmas decorations. Whether you choose to display just one or an assortment, your yard is sure to become one of the best-decorated homes in the neighborhood this holiday season.

48-Inch Crystal Snowman Figurine

1. 48-Inch Crystal Snowman

Greet your guests with this cheerful crystal
snowman. This 48-inch snowman is pre-lit with
70 mini lights. A fun top hat, some green mittens,
and a red and green scarf finish off this adorable
lighted Christmas decoration.

Green Sisal Gift Boxes

2. Green Sisal Gift Boxes

Gift yourself with these beautiful lighted presents.
This trio of  all-lit boxes is available in a range of
colors. Each order comes with three different boxes
that would look beautiful on a hearth, under a tree,
or as a buffet centerpiece in your dining room.

Acrylic Mother Bear Figurine

3. 20-Inch Mother Bear Figurine

Add a cool and crisp touch to your
Christmas decorations when you place this
polar bear figurine front and center in your
front yard. If you love this lighted Christmas
figurine as much as we do, check out the rest of
the polar bear collection to create a family.


60-Inch Gold Wire lamp Post

4. 60-Inch Gold Wire Lamp Post

Add some instant curb appeal to your home by
displaying  this lamp post at the edge of your
property. This tall display features a bright red bow
in the center. This post is all-lit with 85 mini lights
that illuminate this decoration all night long.

72-Inch Crystal Nativity

5. 72-Inch Crystal Nativity

This big and beautiful lighted Christmas decoration
is sure to become the centerpiece of your holiday
display. This nativity features a supportive structure
to hold it up and comes all-lit with 250 mini lights.

39-Inch Reindeer Figurine

6. 39-Inch Reindeer Figurine

Welcome Santa clause to your home by displaying
one of his reindeer. This beautiful brown reindeer
is show mid-leap off a snowy slope. The reins of the
reindeer are illuminated with beautiful LED lights.

30-Inch Cotton Standing Santa

7. 30-Inch Cotton Standing Santa

Children and adults alike will love being greeted by
this lovely Santa Claus. His classic red outfit and cap
are illuminated from within. One hand is waving while
the other is holding a bag of presents. The LED lights
housed within this figurine flash when plugged in.

27-Inch Rattan Snowman Holding Gift and Broom

8. 27-Inch Rattan Snowman

Lighted Christmas decorations can be sophisticated
and beautiful. This figurine looks great during the day
but when the sun goes down and the lights get turned
on, it becomes even more spectacular. This lighted
figurine is available in two heights.

59-Inch Stacking Elves Holding Snowflake

9. 59-Inch Stacking Elves Holding Snowflake

Bring some childhood cheer to your home this holiday
season with this stacking elves figurine. Three cheerful
elves stand together to create this friendly structure. 50
beautiful LED lights make this decoration just as festive in
the evening as it is in the daytime.

60-Inch Crystal Angel Figurine

10. 60-Inch Crystal Angel Figurine

If you love decorating your entire home in clear lights,
this angel would be a perfect addition. There is nothing
more classic than a white and gold angel decorating a home
for the holidays. This angel is illuminated with 210 LED

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