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Tips for Styling a POLYWOOD Outdoor Coffee Table

There has been a huge trend toward outdoor living. Transforming your back yard into an extra living room not only gives your family a great place to hang out, it also adds a whole room to your home. While we are all trying to make these outdoor rooms as much like our indoor living rooms as possible, there are some much-needed changes that need to be made simply because of outdoor conditions. Today, we are going to give you some much-needed tips for styling your outdoor coffee table.

Mission Outdoor Living Set

Start with Quality Furniture

When you are designing an outdoor living room, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you start with high-quality furniture intended for outdoor use. POLYWOOD is an excellent choice. They offer tons of different style and color options but more than that, they have created durable outdoor furniture that will las you for many years to come.

POLYWOOD Coffee Table

Consider Location

Once you have placed your outdoor furniture, take a good look at the location. Is there an overhang, a screened in room, or is the set out in open air. The answer to these questions will help you to determine what types of accessories you can use to style your outdoor coffee table.

Protected Porches

If you have the benefit of a protected area you really have more freedom to play with your accessories. Consider placing a beautiful serving tray on top of your coffee table. It is a great place to set ice cold drinks, cocktail napkins, and small plates of food. You may also want to lay down a folded blanket for cool evenings. These porches get less sun, so if you place a plant on the coffee table make sure that you choose one that thrives in shady areas or better yet, go artificial.

Open Areas

If your outdoor living room is exposed to the elements, you can still pack it with plenty of style. Try choosing a beautiful potted plant for the center of your coffee table. Lanterns and citronella torches are also a fantastic outdoor coffee table accessory. Light them at dusk to keep away the mosquitos and extend the hours you can use your outdoor room.

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