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Choosing the Perfect Corporate Christmas Decorations

Corporate Christmas decorations don’t just cheer up your employees during the holiday season but they also spread the cheer of the season to your visiting clients as well. These christmas decorating tips will help ensure that this year will be your best decorations ever.

Set of 4 Poinsettia Bushes

Create a Christmas Decoration Checklist

Whether you are decorating your office for the first time or just trying to improve on existing decorations, this checklist will get you prepared. These are the most essential Christmas decorations that you should always keep on hand. That is not to say that you can’t add to this list according to your specific needs.

  • Large Artificial Christmas Tree
  • Wreaths
  • Garlands
  • Lots of Light Strands
  • Potted Artificial Poinsettias
  • Holiday Ornaments
  • Tree Skirt
  • Christmas Topiaries
  • Christmas Ribbons
  • Christmas Sprays
  • Tree Topper

10 Foot Richmond Pine Tree


Go Big

The key to successful corporate decorations is making sure that you have enough of them and that they are sized appropriately for the space. If you have a large 2-story entry with a staircase, make sure the Christmas tree is tall and the banisters are covered with beautiful garlands. The outside of your door is important as well. Consider flanking the entry with a pair of beautiful potted topiaries with holiday ribbons. Wreaths and swags can be hung on the front of a reception desk to dress them up for the holidays as well.

If your lobby looks sparse when you are done, it will give the appearance that decorating was an afterthought. More is definitely better when it comes to corporate decorating. That being said, you don’t want any of your decorations to interrupt the flow of traffic through your space so be sure to place things out of the way but still in clear view.

Colorful Ornaments

Reinforce Your Corporate Color Scheme

You don’t have to stick with traditional red and green Christmas decorations. When you are purchasing ornaments, ribbons, tinsel, and lights, why not reinforce the company colors? Taking your logo colors and decorating with them will not only give your tree a unique look, but it will blend in beautifully with the rest of your office. Christmas decorations are readily available in virtually any color you can think of so why not inset that pop of lime green or navy blue that has become synonymous with your brand.

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