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The Beautiful Mini Rose Tree

Add an instant touch of traditional elegance to your space when you decorate with a mini rose tree. Double ball boxwood topiaries can be very manicured and a little too fussy for some styles. This tree features the same double ball design but in a more unstructured shape that makes it a bit more casual as well.

5 Foot Mini Rose Tree

5 Foot Mini Rose Tree

The Tree
The 2080 vibrant green polyester silk leaves are beautifully accented with an abundance of crimson roses and buds. The various stages of flower opening give this artificial flowering tree an incredibly realistic look. The 5-foot height and 20 inch width makes the tree compact enough for the corner of a garden-inspired dining room yet large enough for the grandest of two-story foyers.

Adding a Pot
Because this tree comes in a basic plastic pot that measures 7 inches wide and 6 inches high, you have the freedom to select a pot that coordinates with your décor. You can make this tree stand out even more by placing it inside a large urn or you can keep it simple by opting for a coiled rope or woven planter.

Decorating with Flowering Trees
Artificial plants have come a long way and are an excellent choice for interior design because they are incredibly low maintenance. An occasional dusting is all you need to do to keep this tree looking great for years to come. Because they look great in so many different settings, you can change up their location whenever you want.

Place them in a grand foyer to welcome guests in spring, flank a mantle with them in the summer, and move them to your formal living room near the holidays.  If you move, just take them with you to have instant decorations for your new home.

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