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The Key to Choosing Kitchen Accessories

Accessorizing a kitchen can be a challenge. The key is to make sure that the kitchen accessories that you feature can also be useful. Here are some useful hints to help you get a kitchen that looks like it stepped out of the pages of a design magazine.

5-inch Artichokes

5-inch Artichokes

Open Shelving
Open shelving helps to showcase your most beautiful plates and mugs. The trick is to use a combination of open shelving and closed cabinetry. You don’t want everything on display because who has the time to keep up with that? Tuck your plastic containers and children’s plates away in closed cabinetry while showcasing your Fiestaware or wine glasses.

Dual-Purpose Containers
Everything that goes into your kitchen should be useful when it comes to your daily cooking. Instead of accessorizing with vases, fill a glass or ceramic pitcher with a beautiful assortment of artificial flowers. When you have a party you can take the flowers out and use the pitcher to serve up iced tea or punch. Clear apothecary jars look beautiful in groups and can be filled with everything from coffee beans to citrus. Baskets can be arranged on the counter to provide a beautiful home for your bread. When you are entertaining, line the basket with a couple fabric napkins and serve up croissants in it.

Add Color with Food
Once you have your containers collected it is time to fill them up. A great way to add color to an otherwise neutral kitchen is with you accessories. Lemons, limes, and oranges in three different apothecaries add a beautiful focal point in the center of an island or the end of a counter. If you don’t feel like changing them out when they start to rot, opt for artificial versions. A bowl of synthetic artichokes in the center of a dining table will look great and make you hungry for veggies. Pears and apples are another great fruit to feature artificial versions of in your kitchen.

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