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How to Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture in the Winter (Infographic)

Winter is in full swing and it’s time to start putting away and winterizing your patio furniture with these tips.

How to Care for Your Patio Furniture in the Winter

Pre-Care Clean Up Tips

  • Read the maintenance guidebook for all furniture
  • Sweep furniture surfaces with a soft brush
  • Clean with warm water and dish soap
  • Remove mold with a scrub brush
  • Avoid power washing, bleach, pine oil, and abrasive cleaners
  • Store furniture upright to allow moisture to drain


Wicker Furniture

  • Vacuum away debris or use a dry paintbrush
  • Clean with mild soap and water; rinse and pat dry
  • Bring inside or cover for the winter


Wood Furniture

  • Remove stains and dirt with hot water, powdered oxygen bleach, and a soft-bristle scrub brush.
  • Sand and rinse with water to remove rust stains
  • Seal for extra protection after cleaning and sanding off existing finish
  • Apply a penetrating stain
  • Store in an unheated garage/garden shed, or cover outside


Teak Furniture

  • Clean with gentle soap and water
  • Lightly sand and apply a teak cleaner and protectant to revive original color
  • Store in a water-tight, unheated garden shed or outside with covers


Metal Furniture

  • Use mild soap and water to scrub and clean away dirt and debris
  • Sand with fine-grit sandpaper to remove stains or mold
  • Paint if needed
  • Apply automobile wax with a cloth to protect finish
  • Cover if leaving outside


Plastic Furniture

  • Use mild soap and water to clean and rinse away dirt and debris
  • If manufacturer guidelines allow, clean tough stains with 10 parts water and 1-part chlorine bleach
  • Cover if leaving outside or bring into garage, garden shed, or basement


Protect your outdoor furniture from the harshness of winter with these tips and purchase high-quality covers from Artificial Plants and Trees.


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