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Staying Connected on Christmas

The holidays are all about spending quality time with friends and family but what do you do when you live far away? Staying connected on Christmas can be a real challenge, especially if you are used to traveling and find yourself unable to do so. Fortunately, strides in technology have made us more able to keep in touch than ever before. Until two years ago, I spent every Christmas traveling up to Pennsylvania to be with my extended family. That first year not doing so was difficult but a couple things helped to make it easier.

Open Gifts While on Video Chat

Mail thoughtful gifts to your loved ones and then schedule a time to video chat while they are opening them. Video chat enables us to feel as though we are in the same room with them. It is so much nicer to get to see their reaction to the gift you give and to have a meaningful moment, especially around the holidays.

Send Christmas Cards

Sending out Christmas cards may seem a bit archaic but it is absolutely a way to stay connected throughout the holidays. If you have kids, include a couple recent pictures of the family to share with your loved ones. The second they post you to the refrigerator you will become a part of their home for the rest of the season.

Embrace Friends Locally

When you can’t be near your family for the holidays, spending time with friends can be the next best thing. Find a local friend that will embrace you throughout the season and get the family time you need through them. If you are with family but know someone that can’t be, invite them to hang out with you on Christmas day. Someone’s family is better than no family at all.

Continue Family Traditions

Even if you can’t be with your family on the holidays, try to continue favorite family traditions. Bake family recipes, munch on holiday cookies, and do what you can to make Christmas seem as normal as possible.

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