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Save money on DIY Silk Orchid Accents for Your Wedding

Orchids are an ever-popular flower among brides-to-be. If you are thinking about incorporating this natural work of art into your ceremony or reception, silk orchids are worth your consideration. Even if you want to use live orchids in your centerpiece or bouquets, silk orchids are a fabulous supplement that can add garnish to tabletops, wedding favors, or church pews. Think about it: These smaller details don’t really require the talents of a professional florist. Do you want to sprinkle silk orchid petals over dinner tables or the gift table? You can order a bunch of orchid stems in bulk and harvest the petals yourself. Adding a single silk orchid and some ribbon to the ends of each pew is another easy do-it-yourself project. And if you’re passing out edible wedding favors, attaching a silk orchid to the packaging is the perfect touch. All of this can be done for far less money than a professional florist would charge. If you’re worried about quality, never fear. Silk orchids of today are superb imitations. They are usually made using high-quality polyester. All the popular colors-pink, purple and white-plus unusual shades, are widely available. Just one final tip: If you are planning to feature submerged orchid centerpieces at your wedding, it won’t make much of a difference if you use silk orchids instead of natural ones. So, consider making your orchid centerpieces on your own to save even more money. It is amazing how much a florist can charge for a centerpieces—it’s easily going to cost you $100 a table. Read this helpful how-to article to learn how to make your own submerged orchid centerpieces, without water! Enjoy the process.

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