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DIY Silk Flower Headband

Adorable accessories for infants can cost more than you’d like to spend, but did you know you can make pretty silk flower headbands for the babies in your life using silk flowers and other low-cost materials? Read on to learn how to transform your favorite silk flower into baby’s first fashion hair piece. You will need plain hair clips and infant head bands, available at your local beauty supply or craft store, as well as a bunch of your favorite silk flowers. You may have a bloom in mind, but if you need suggestions, try a silk flower with a full look, such as a gerbera daisy or magnolia. These flowers tend to be large and lush, so they really hold their own. Take your silk flower bunch and cut the petals from their stems. Then, pull the ends of the stems completely off the underside of the flower. They should pop off with enough force, but use an exacto knife if you need help. If you are using daisies as your silk flower, you should layer three or four flower heads on top of each other for good volume. Next, cut a circle of felt that is just slightly smaller than your flower. The felt should match the color of the flower you are working with. Using a glue gun, glue the petals to the center of the felt circle. To give your flower a little glitz, glue little jewels to the center. Finally, use your glue gun to attach the hair clip to the back of your flower ornament. Just run a small amount of glue along the edge of the clip and press it on for 30 seconds. Once it is dry, you flower is ready to clip on to the plain head band, and ready for your little one to wear!

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