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Flower Definitions Article

Giant Magnolia

Giant Magnolia

Share this table with your friends. It is a fun way to discover what your favorite flower means to the experts.You will see the name of the flower on the left and its meaning on the right hand side. Enjoy our flower definitions!Flowers are a beautiful way to tell a person how you feel.In 6 months your present will still look as new as the day your purchased it.

Flower Definitions
Flower Name Flower Meaning
Acacia Friendship
Acorn Immortality
Alyssum Unparalleled Worth
Amaryllis Pride and Beauty
Ambrosia Requited Love
Angelica Inspiration
Arbutus Committed Love
Aster Variety
Azalea First Love
Baby’s Breath Pureness of Heart
Bachelor’s Button Celibacy
Begonia Warning
Bluebell Humility
Buttercup Riches
Cactus Endurance
Caladium Great Joy and Delight
Camellia Gratitude
Camellia, Pink Longing
Camellia, Red Fire in the Heart
Camellia, White Adoration
Carnation, Pink Unforgettable
Carnation, White Innocence
Carnation, Yellow Rejection
Chrysanthemum, Red Love
Chrysanthemum,White Truth
Chrysanthemum,Yellow Sighted Love
Clematis Mental Beauty
Clover Good Luck
CLover,Purple Thrift
Coral Bells Challenge
Coreposis Eternal Cheerfulness
Cosmos Modesty
Crocus Youth-like Gaiety
Daffodil Unrequited Love
Dahlia Dignity and Elegance
Daisy Innocent
Dandelion Fidelity and Happiness
Dogwood Everlasting Love
Fern Fascination
Foxglove Insincerity
Gardenia Secret Love
Gladiolus Sincereity
Heather, Laveder Admiration
Heather, White Protection
Hibiscus Delicate Beauty
Holly Domestic Happiness
Hollyhock Ambition
Hyacinth, Blue Steadiness
Hyacinth, Purple Request for Forgiveness
Hyacinth, Red/Pink Playfulness
Hyacinth, White Beauty
Ivy Matrimonial Love
Jonquil Desire
Lady’s Slipper Flightiness
Larkspur, Pink Fickleness
Lilac, White Youthfulness
Lily of the Valley Happiness and Sweetness
Lily, Tiger Wealth and Pride
Lily, White Purity and Virginity
Lotus Flower Rejected Love
Marigold Cruelty and Jealousy
Oleander Caution
Orange Blossom Purity and Everlasting Love
Orchid Love and Beauty
Pansy Consideration
Peony Happiness
Petunia Anger and Resentment
Phlox Union of Souls
Pine Hope
Poppy, Red Pleasure
Poppy, White Consolation
Poppy, Yellow Wealth and Success
Quince Temptation
Rhododendron Danger
Rose, Red Romantic Love and Passion
Rosebuds, Red Purity
Rosemary Sweet Rememberance
Roses, Coral Desire
Roses, Deep Pink Gratitude
Roses, Light Pink Fun and Happiness
Roses, Lilac Love at First Sight
Roses, Orange Enthusiasm, Desire
Roses, Pale Pink Gratitude, Grace and Gentleness
Roses, Peach Appreciation, Gratitude and Sympathy
Roses, White Truth and Innocence
Roses, Yellow Friendship, Freedom and Congratulations
Sage Domestic Virtue
Snapdragon Deception
Spider Flower Desire to Elope
Star of Bethlehem Purity
Statice Sympathy and Rememberance
Stephanotis Joyful Marriage
Stock Lasting Love
Sunflower Adoration
Sweet William Bravery
Thyme Activity
Tiger Flower Desire for Friendship
Tuberosa Illicit Activities
Tulips, Variegated Beautiful Eyes
Tulips, Yellow Hopeless Love
Tulips, Red Belief
Veronica Fidelity
Violet, Blue or Purple Faithfulness
Violet, White Risk
Water Lily Purity of Heart
White Rosebud Emerging Love
Yarrow Healing
Zinnia, Magenta Long Lasting Affection
Zinnia, Mixed In Memory of a Departed Friend
Zinnia,Scarlet Constancy
Zinnia, White Goodness
Zinnia, Yellow Remembrance

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