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Plant Pots & Containers Article

God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.
J. M. Barrie

It is said that the positive power of any man doubles if he clothes himself suitably and neatly for the occasion. The same is true with plants. When housed in the proper planters, or plant pots, their effect multiplies.

Selecting suitable and stylish planters and baskets to house our silk plants and flowers is an important piece of any interior design puzzle.

To that end, as we carry a very large inventory of silk trees, silk plants and orchid flower arrangements, we also carry varied kinds of planters and baskets to suit anyone’s interior and exterior design needs.

Remember that today’s interior designers often use silk plants and silk orchids, which have many advantages over natural greenery. Artificial plants require minimum maintenance and they don’t shed leaves or wither away. No pests are attracted to them and no allergy or health hazards are caused by the pollen particles in the air of our home and office.

These silk trees and plants have a vivid look and the planters enhance their elegance. The pots remain clean and require little maintenance. It is, however, important to match the size of the artificial tree or plant with the size of the planter or basket.

Our variety of planters and baskets will suit most any theme decoration. Interior silk plants can be housed in plastic and metal planters, and also look great in woven and bamboo baskets. Sturdier stone and ceramic baskets are fantastic for exterior design projects.

Fiberglass containers and rattan baskets add elegance to the plants they house. There are brown rattan baskets and white washed ones to choose from, and hanging baskets for those of you that would like to design a colorful flower hanging basket and vine arrangement in homage to history’s most beautiful outdoor gardens.

Rattan baskets or stone planters from the rocky regions of the Far East make wonderful homes for silk bonsai arrangements and add a touch of the serene to your project–wherever it may be.

Please note that we carry square containers and round containers for your individual design needs, and note that the optimal interplay between plant and planter creates an impression of fullness and exactitude within your design. Our planters do come with relief figures such as motif planters.

Metal planters come in either silver or gold, and their shine makes any interior royal; the elegance they add is worth the slightly higher price tag.

For instance, a beautiful urn planter, with relief pictures such as Keats’ Grecian Urn will endear any location to visitors, be it your home, office, or restaurant setting.

Finally, note that Silk tree planters in general are chosen by taking into account the existing interior color and the size of the plants to be exhibited: we have a wealth of options here at your disposal.

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