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Cactus Plants Article

Cactus Plants protective in its gray dress from the hardships of the aggressive world
The Blossoming Cactus

– Shulamit Malchi-Levin

Cactus is a world wide spread species and considered a desert plant. They are xerophytes and the US is considered the home of most of the varieties. They withstand high temperatures and grow quickly. They are good at adapting to very dry conditions and forgetting to water them or negligence rarely affects them. When they are properly attended to, they respond well and grow well. The trident cactus is a mark of the American desolate tracts.

The arid and tropical plants come in many varieties and show variations in size, shape, and color. From miniature cacti to giants, the spiky plants often belie their fanciful sounding names – triangle cactus, snake, saguaro, beehive, barrel, hedgehog, peyote, sea-urchin, column cactus, finger cactus, Christmas cactus, cactus orchid–to name a few

The very appearance of artificial cactus is striking and attractive. From very round ball-like varieties to the tall growing cacti, like the saguaro, we find cacti of different shapes and sizes. There are many flowering cactus varieties and the flowers are in colors that vary from white, cream to red and other colors. They make solid looking decorative articles, both indoors and outdoors.

We carry a large inventory of these artificial varieties of cactus to cater to modern day decoration needs. Available in exquisite containers to suit interior design needs, these artificial or silk cacti are free from any maintenance and health hazard.. Aloe plants and aeonium plants are also available along with our artificial cacti.

The Golden barrel cactus plant in a beautiful and stylish planter placed near the entrance or on the sides of fireplace will add a pleasant regal look to the place. The Asanseviera Cynlindrica Aloe Plant in a ceramic planter with its multi fronds would add elegance to any place. The silk aloe plant in bright and dark green would fascinate anyone.

The finger cactus and barrel cactus are liked by many, for the elegant looks they lend to any environment. Though the cacti are created artificially, they look so natural that one may find it difficult to distinguish the genuine from the creation. The succulent stems, the columns, the spikes and flowers are in materials that last long and the colors are fast ones. They can be washed to remove the dust from them by placing them under running water and they retain their color and brightness for long.

Every season may require changes in the interior to suit that season. By using artificial plants and trees it is easy to move them around to suit one’s tastes and needs. The Christmas cactus and other varieties can be stored away in a carefully packed manner and used on occasions which require them.

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