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House Plants Article

Many people grow natural house plants in their home but these require a great deal of maintenance, which represents time that most people no longer have as they go about their busy days. In this modern world, many are turning to artificial house plants to cut down on maintenance. Most sought after are the tropical house plants because of their vibrant colors which can add life to any house. Some of the more exotic specimens are Anthuriums, Lady Palms, Crotons and Dragon Trees.

Natural Anthuriums were originally grown in Hawaii. These artificial tropical house plants retain the beauty and color of their natural versions and are available as indoor tropical plants in potted form. Major parts of their allure are the heart-shaped bracts which come in shades of whites, pinks, greens, reds and combinations of pastels.

These artificial tropical house plants are sometimes sold in hanging baskets but the free standing specimens tend to be more fashionable at this time. Some of the best selling varieties are the Tropic Ice, Kalapana, and the Mauna Kea White.

The Tropic Ice anthurium displays gorgeous silk flowers in a combination of green, white and pink with heart shaped green leaves. They are included in the Obake type which produces large flowers of approximately 6” to 8”.

Another popular Obake type is the Kalapana anthurium. This variety of artificial tropical house plant has red and green flowers with white spikes.

As the name suggests, the Mauna Kea White anthurium has flowers that are pure white and exhibit a striking canary yellow spike. This artificial flower is typically surrounded by dark green heart shaped leaves

Another popular artificial tropical house plant is the Raphis Palm, which is commonly known as the Lady Palm and can be found in homes and gardens throughout the world. These artificial tropical house plants have both pure green and variegated forms. They are available in a variety of sizes, from 48” to 96”, and can range in prices from $55 for the smaller specimens to $250 for an 8 foot tree.

Crotons are an ideal artificial tropical house plant since they are usually small shrubs and can fit into any space. In nature, the leaves are initially green but gradually change color to reds, pinks, yellows, rust, orange, and even some purples. With artificial plants, there is no need to wait. There are literally hundreds of varieties of crotons but two of the most common artificial species are Croton Norma and Croton Petra. Crotons typically retail from around $50.

Cycas Palm plants are ideal artificial house plants for indoor and outdoor use. Their striking shape can add a touch of exoticism and elegance to any environment, and their slow growth rate makes the artificial specimens ideal. They also tend to be very affordable.

Natural tropical house plants are typically not suited for a temperate environment and therefore need constant care. Some of them can grow quite large and may need a lot of pruning. In addition, they usually harbor many species of insects–definitely not desired in a home environment. Artificial tropical house plants have none of these disadvantages.

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