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Must-Have Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Do you have the kind of neighborhood that goes all out for the holidays? Make your home the most beautifully decorated house on the block by decking the halls with these outdoor lights and decorations. Whether you love the simple elegance of lighted spheres hanging from trees or the fun whimsy of colorful lights, this list will have you covered. Check out our list of must-have outdoor Christmas decorations.

outdoor christmas tree

1. Outdoor Christmas Trees

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a pair
of artificial Christmas Trees flanking the
front door. These beautiful mixed pine trees
can be placed right on the porch or elevated
up on pedestals. No matter how you use
them, these trees are sure to be the star of
your outdoor decor.

Outdoor Poinsettia

2. Artificial Poinsettias

When it comes to flowers, nothing is more
iconic during the holiday season than the
poinsettia. This beautiful red plant adds a
pop of color to the exterior of your home
all season long. If twinkle lights make your
decorations come alive at night, poinsettias
brighten things up during the day.

outdoor ornament garland

3. Red Ornament Garland

Accentuate your home’s architectural features
by lining them with the gentle swag of an
ornament garland. This red garland features
graduating sizes of outdoor ornaments for
a beautiful result. If you don’t like the look of
an ornament garland, opt for a pine or mixed
greens garland instead.

lighted sphere

4. Lighted Spheres

Lighted spheres are one of our favorite
outdoor decorations. They look absolutely
stunning hanging from trees. Once the sun
goes down the lights come on and the real
beauty of these spheres comes out. These
lighted balls are available in a wide range of

Outdoor Ornaments

5. Outdoor Ornaments

Your outdoor decorations just wouldn’t be
complete without tons of outdoor ornaments.
These ornaments can be hung from trees, wall
sconces, or mailboxes. With so many different
uses for them, this is a piece of decor you are
going to want to stock up on.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

6. Patio Lights

We are in love with these beautiful string lights
for decorating a deck or patio. Each strand is
10 feet long and features lights spaced 12
inches apart. Lights like these would look
lovely draped across a pergola or lining the
gutters of the house.

Berry Wreath

7. Berry Wreath

Every home needs at least one beautiful
wreath during the holiday season. Place an
outdoor wreath on your front door, on the
wall above the bench, or even on a garage
door. We love the pop of color this berry
wreath brings to a door of any color.

mailbox swag

8. Mailbox Swag

Mailbox swags are one of our favorite new
products. These little bursts of greenery are
specifically designed to lay on top of a mailbox.
What could enhance the curb appeal of your
home more than decorating the mailbox?

Outdoor Christmas Bow

9. Velvet Bows

Make your home look like a beautifully
wrapped Christmas present with the help
of a few outdoor velvet bows. Add one to a
wreath, hang them beneath lights flanking
your garage, of suspend them from just
beneath your mailbox.

Twinkle Lights

10. Twinkle Lights

We couldn’t make a list of must-have outdoor
Christmas decorations without including
classic twinkle lights. You can’t have enough of
these little beauties. Use them to wrap tree
trunks, line homes, and so much more.
Whether you prefer the classic look of white
lights or the joy of multi-colored lights, we
have you covered.


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