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How to Make A Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vase

These days, going “green” and saving money wherever you can are two top priorities, especially among young adults and growing families. This DIY project accomplishes both of those goals with a rustic yet chic look that can be used in any home decorating theme. Believe it or not, this is left over twine from another project but if you were to buy the whole spool new it would cost you around $4 and it would make five or six of these beautiful twine wrapped wine bottle vases.

Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vase

Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vase

Supply List
• Empty Wine Bottle
• Twine
• Hot Glue Gun
• Scissors
Artificial Flowers

Step 1:
Turn the wine bottle upside down and place a thin line of glue along the bottom edge of the wine bottle. Follow that line of glue with your twine. I like to start on the bottom for two reasons; it hides your starting point and it covers the rounded bottom edge of the wine bottle.

Step 2:
Continue the two-step process of adding a line of hot glue and placing your twine the whole around the bottle again and again until you cover the bottom rounded edge. You will need to glue the whole way around the bottle for any curved parts so that the twine does not shift.

Step 3:
Continue wrapping the jute around the wine bottle, tacking it only in the back when you are on the straight parts of the wine bottle and using glue the whole way around the circumference when you are on the curved portions. Glue the twine the whole way to the very top of the wine bottle, snip off the excess twine, and glue down the very end.

Now all you have to do is fill it with your favorite artificial flowers and you are ready to go. If you want to print out these step-by-step instructions complete with a detailed photo tutorial, just click here Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Vase

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