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How To Place Artificial Succulents and Leaves in Lanterns

Lanterns are a popular home decor accessory. They can be showcased on bookshelves, in the center of tables, on architectural ledges, or on top of a mantel. they come in a wide range of styles and typically have either glass sides or an open weave metal pattern that allows you to see through them. Typically, these lanterns are filled with beautiful pillar candles, but what if you want to try something a little bit different? Silk flowers make great inserts for decorative lanterns.

Artificial Succulents


Artificial succulents are one of the most popular plants right now. They are almost architectural in form and come in such vibrant greens and maroons. If you are new to using succulents, try one of our 12-count options. They can be stacked on top of one another and placed inside a lantern. Mix and match at least two different varieties. Have extras? They are not going to go to waste. Put one one in a dish of guest soap in the bathroom or use them to spruce up a DIY wreath.

Philodendron Fig Spray Philodendron 2


Leaves are another fantastic option to arrange inside of a glass lantern. They have such interesting lines and will stay looking great year after year.

Benefits of Filling Lanterns with Artificial Flowers

Lanterns are frequently placed in areas that are hard to access. Lighting and blowing out candles constantly can be a pain. Artificial plants and leaves, on the other hand, look great both day and night. Because they are fake, they do not require any upkeep to maintain their beauty.


Lanterns aren’t the only vessels that look fantastic filled with artificial plants and leaves. Big glass jars, hurricanes, and baskets. If you are placing the basket up high, try tipping it on it’s side and filling it with an overflowing cascade of succulents and stems.


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