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How to Decorate a Halloween Tree

Yesterday, we introduced you to our artificial black piston tree with orange lights. Today, we are going to take this ghoulish and festive tree and transform it with the help of some ribbon and ornaments. We take an already adorable Halloween decoration and make it the showcase of your mantle, table, or child’s room. See for yourself how a couple of supplies helped us decorate this artificial Halloween Tree. In addition to a step-by-step tutorial, we also have a YouTube video that walks you through the process.

How to Decorate a Halloween Tree

Step 1: Make Ornament Loops

First, take a thin ribbon and cut it to 7-inch strips. Run the ribbon through the top of the ornament. Bring the two ends together and tie the ribbon into a knot, close to the ends of the ribbon. Continue this process until you have added ornament loops to all your Halloween ornaments.

Step 2: Make a Ribbon Tassel

To create the tassel of thin ribbon hanging down the tree you are first going to need to determine the height of the tree. Cut one piece of ribbon to that length. Use the piece you cut as a guide to cut the rest of your ribbons. You want at least a dozen or so ribbons. Gather all the ends at the top and secure them with a piece of florist wire. When you are done, tie the wire onto the top of the tree and spread out the ribbons around the perimeter of the tree. If necessary, trim the lengths of ribbon.

Step 3: Add a Wire Edged Ribbon Bow

Hide the top of your ribbon tassel with a large, beautiful bow. Making a wire-edged ribbon bow is easy and allows you to choose any ribbon you like. We opted for a glittered purple ribbon. Attach the ribbon to the top of the tree and give it a final fluff.

Step 4: Hang Ornaments

With all of your ribbons in place, it is time to hang your ornaments. Hang them around the tree from the loops you created earlier.

Enjoy Your Creation

That is all there is to it! The finished Halloween tree would be a great addition to a mantle, the top of a bookshelf, or the top of a dresser in a child’s bedroom. We are going to use it for the centerpiece of our neighborhood Halloween Buffet. Hopefully this tutorial inspired you to decorate with artificial black trees. If you have created a tree of your own, be sure the share the pictures with us. We would love to see what you have come up with.


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