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Decorate for Halloween with Our Artificial Black Tree

Artificial trees aren’t just for Christmas anymore and this pre-lit artificial black piston tree proves just that. Today, we are going to take a closer look at this fun and festive tree and show you why it has quickly become one of our favorite Halloween decorations. Tomorrow, we will take this tree and decorate it with a beautiful bow, ribbon streamers, and textural ornaments you are sure to love. Get a closer look at this artificial black tree and inspired to use it as the centerpiece of your Halloween decor.

Our Selection of Artificial Black Trees

We carry a wide range of artificial black trees that are perfect for Halloween. Our YouTube video features our Black Piston Tree, but if you are looking for something fuller or taller, take a look at the rest of our black tree collection. There is a tree that is perfect for every decorating need.

How to Use the Black Piston Tree

This tree is just a couple of feet tall and comes with a beautiful burlap wrapped vase. Use it to decorate the top of a mantle, an architectural ledge, and more. Throughout the week we are going to show you how we decorated this ghoulish tree and then turned it into an eye-catching table centerpiece for our Halloween buffet. Check back with us tomorrow and Thursday to see how we transform this tree into a family-friendly Halloween decoration that everyone will love.

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Our YouTube channel is full of great videos and tutorials for decorating your home for Halloween and throughout the year. Check out the channel and take a moment to subscribe. Never again will you miss one of our fun and festive instructional videos.

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