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How to Create a Inviting Outdoor Seating Area

Anyone can buy a set of furniture and create an outdoor seating area but to make it a true outdoor retreat, it takes a little bit more finesse. Let’s start with an example of an outdoor seating area done right and then break it down into a couple easy-to-follow steps that will help you recreate it at home. Creating an inviting outdoor seating area is easy when you follow these four simple steps.

Anderson Rattan Seating Area


1. Define and Clear an Area

Before you can even start picking out furniture, you must first scope out your yard for the ideal place to situate your seating area. There are a couple things to consider while doing this:

  • How much room do you need to accommodate the amount of seating you desire?
  • What direction would you like your furniture to face?
  • How do you get to the space?

Once you have determined where you would like your seating area to be, start cleaning up the area. Mow the yard, weed surrounding flower beds, and trim any surrounding trees and shrubbery. If your space is going to be on a hard surface like a deck or patio, you may want to pressure wash the flooring and then layer on an area rug. If you have chosen a grassy area, you may want to create a paver walkway that leads down to the space.

2. Choose an Outdoor Furniture Set

Once your space is prepped, it is time to do some shopping. Check out our complete line of outdoor furniture to discover the ideal conversation set for your home. There are many different styles, cushion colors, and materials to choose from so narrow down the selection by asking yourself a couple of questions:

  • What is the overall style of your home?
  • How many people do you need to accommodate?
  • Is there a specific color you would like to feature?
  • Is there existing outdoor furniture that the new items need to coordinate with?

Once you have chosen and received your furniture, position the various items so they are facing a beautiful view, but also facing each other. The addition of side tables and a coffee table will give you a place to set a plate and beverage while ottomans provide you a place to kick your feet up.

3. Plant Flower Beds

With your furniture in place, it is time to dress up the rest of the space. If your flower beds are not already blossoming, take a moment to spruce them up with a combination of our artificial outdoor plants and regional plants that are relatively low maintenance. If you are starting from scratch don’t forget to use a good weed barrier. Looking for a little bit of inspiration? Here are a couple of tips:

  • Represent your region and choose plants that naturally grow there.
  • Use plants that vary in height and texture to add a ton of visual interest.
  • Interject some color with a blooming plant or one with vibrant leaves in a different hue.

4. Add Potted Plants

We absolutely love the look of potted plants layered in among flowerbeds. Not only do they elevate certain plants, but they are also an opportunity to reinforce style with pots, urns, and vases. The potted plants can be real or artificial, depending upon how much you love to garden. If you do go artificial here are some tips for making potted plants look incredible.

  • Mix and match a couple different plants in one large urn.
  • Add a layer of river rocks, moss covered rocks, or pebbles over the dirt in the pot.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a cascading plant, such as a hanging azalea, to flow over the edges of the pot.

Enjoy Your New Outdoor Conversation Area

Once you complete these 4 easy steps you will have an amazing outdoor seating area that friends and family will absolutely flock to. If you live in a cooler area, consider trading out the coffee table for a fire table. You will still have a place to set a drink and plate but you will also have the fire feature that will extend the number of months you can enjoy your outdoor room.



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