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The Garden Furniture Industry

Garden Furniture is a broad term used to describe the various furniture pieces that have been designed for outdoor use. This term is interchangeable with patio furniture or outdoor furniture. These items are made out of weather resistant materials, most commonly plastic, wood, metal, and wicker. Let’s take a closer look at the Garden Furniture industry and the reason that it is booming.

Lloyd:Flanders Outdoor Seating Set

Lloyd:Flanders Outdoor Seating Set

The Origin of Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture has been around since early civilization. In fact, outdoor furniture items have been discovered in the ruins of Pompeii. This is a clear indication that there has always been a focus on creating core furniture pieces that can be used outdoors.


Common Types of Garden Furniture

Garden furniture tends to fall under three general categories: seating, temperature control, and accessories. The seating category encompasses everything from outdoor sofas and conversation areas to traditional picnic tables and garden benches. Still one of the most common outdoor seating products are outdoor dining sets. These sets come in a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from wrought iron bistro sets to huge teak dining tables complete with leaves for extension.

Of course, you can’t use all this great furniture unless you are comfortable outside, which is where the temperature control category comes into play. Umbrellas, fire pits, and patio heaters are all found in this category. These functional pieces of patio furniture can extend both the hours of the day and the months of the year that you are able to enjoy your outdoor space.

As with any fine decorating, the beauty lies in the smaller details and the accessories. Once larger furniture items are put in place it is time to add the little pieces, such as bird baths, plant stands, planters, potting benches, console tables, trellises, arbors, and various knick knacks. When all these categories are represented in an outdoor space you have a true outdoor room that acts as a beautiful extension of your home.


Outdoor Living at Its Best

Whether you attribute it to countless DIY home and garden shows or the depictions of outdoor spaces in popular home decorating magazines, there has definitely been a rise in outdoor living in recent years. According to PR Web, the garden furniture industry should become a 5 billion dollar industry by 2017. A couple different factors are going into this. As the economy sees an upturn, families have more disposable incomes and a greater focus on creating fashionable and lavish outdoor rooms.


The Newest Trends

Outdoor living has become more and more elegant over the past few years. The outdoor dining sets and living sets have been designed to be just as comfortable and high-end as any indoor pieces you may purchase.

There has also been a growing trend toward environmentally friendly decorating, fueling the sales of greener furniture options that have been possible through new manufacturing technologies. One of the biggest materials in green decorating is the use of synthetic wood that is created out of recycled plastic bottles. This material is incredibly weather resistant and comes in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your outdoor space to meet your specific needs.

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