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Make Your Own Hanging Ornaments with Artificial Flowers

You can make your own party decorations with artificial flowers. Floral ornaments hanging from a ceiling or an exposed beam make beautiful embellishments for all sorts of parties any time of the year. Ruby red silk poinsettias are perfect at Christmastime, sunflowers are ideal for a summer birthday party, while faux mums make festive decorations for fall. This is an inexpensive and easy craft that you can probably complete in about an hour. You will need: -Artificial flowers of your choice-make sure you buy enough to cover all the ornaments you intend to make!-Medium Styrofoam globes-as many as you want-A spool of hemp string-A glue gun-Scissors-A stapler First, staple a length of hemp string to your Styrofoam globe. Then, cut enough silk flowers from their stems to cover the globe and attach them with your glue gun. Make sure to cover the white finish completely. Allow your artificial flowers to dry for a full day before hanging them. Once dry, stagger them by hanging them from varying heights. Just a few ornaments are adequate for decorating indoor spaces, but if you’re entertaining in a spacious room or on the patio, you may want to use more so they don’t get lost in the mix. Even after your guests are gone, you can certainly keep your artificial flower creations on display. They are fabulous and unusual everyday decorations that you can be proud to say you made yourself. Get started on your project by shopping for beautiful artificial flowers here! We have every kind of flower you need to make a flower display that boasts the natural look you crave.

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