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DIY: Succulent Centerpiece

Are you looking for a new centerpiece for your island or dining room table? This simple project yields a stunning result but it is so easy that even your kids can help you with it. Before we can start you have to gather some supplies.

  • Artificial Succulents
  • Soil
  • Small Rocks
  • Fishbowl

Choose a Fishbowl
Before you can determine how many succulents you need to purchase, you must first choose a fishbowl. For a variation on this project you could use any glass container, including a glass vase, urn, etc. I like the low height and whimsical shape of a fishbowl.

Add Your Layers
Once you have all of your supplies gathered it is time to layer in everything. Keep in mind that because you are using a glass container, each layer will be visible from the outside. Because of this, I like to tip my fishbowl at an angle while I am placing everything inside. When you gently set it back on it’s end everything will appear a bit sloped.

Start with the soil first. Add a couple trowels of it in the bottom of the bowl.  Next, do the same thing with some small river rocks. Once both of those layers are in place you can start positioning each of your artificial succulents. I like to group odd numbers of them together. If you want to add some additional interest, place a few larger rocks on top of the small river rocks.

That is all there is to it! If you want a succulent centerpiece with some major height, purchase three fishbowls in graduating sizes, fill them in this manner, and then stack them on top of one another.

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