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Purple Silk Flowers for Fall

Take a cue from nature and decorate your home with purple silk flowers this fall. Believe it or not, amethyst, deep purple, and violet are all common colors for fall flowers. Russian sage, anise hyssop, fall crocus, monkshood, and Japanese anemone all produce pretty purple blooms.

Giant Mixed Hydrangea Silk Arrangement

Giant Mixed Hydrangea Silk Arrangement

This fall, update the floral arrangements in your home by adding some silk flowers of the purple variety. You can do this by picking a favorite, such as an exotic Oncidium orchid for your entryway table or you can give it a casual, country chic feel by placing some purple hydrangea in a simple white vase.

Coordinating Colors
Coordinate these new flowers with the rest of your décor when you pair them with complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are any colors that appear across fro one another on the color wheel. In this case, green and yellow appear directly across from purple and violet. Because of this, purple will always look great when paired with yellows or pale greens.

Analogous Colors
Another design option is pairing purple with analogous colors, or those that appear directly next to it on the color wheel. This approach is great if you want to see many varieties of similar colors. When you are working with purple, both red and violet are considered to be analogous colors.

Staying on Trend
If you are interested in staying on trend with your interior décor color pallet you are in luck. The purple and red color combination is widely popular for fall 2013.  Try this combo out with silk flowers and they try applying it to your table runners, pillows, or even clothing.

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