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Go Big with Artificial Arrangements

Don’t settle for simple flower arrangements that sit on your dining room table. Create artificial arrangements that makes a statement when you purchase oversized flowers and turn them into stunning arrangements. You can get single floral stems that are seven or more feet long.

7-Foot Giant Iris

7-Foot Giant Iris

Choose a Vase
To start, choose a beautiful floor vase. It should be a tall vessel with a narrow opening. Think about where you are going to set the vase when you choose a style and design. It can be placed right on the floor, on top of a pedestal, or on a table.

Purchase Flowers
Now that you have a vessel picked out, choose some extra tall artificial flowers that go with your décor. Arrangements always look best with an odd number of flowers. Choose three, five, or seven depending upon how large the opening is. You can have all the flowers be the same variety or you can mix and match two of them that compliment one another.

Arrange the Flowers
Now that you have your flowers and your vase, go ahead and arrange them. To start, place them into the vase. Once you have seen how they sit you can pull them out and trim the stems down to the desired length. Continue arranging and trimming until you get them arranged the way that you want them.

Try placing your finished arrangement in a two-story foyer, in the corner of your dining room, or on a stair landing. When you do, be sure to send in pictures.

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