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How To Design A Southern Sunroom

So many homes in the south feature beautiful sunrooms. These spaces are specifically designed as transitional spaces that maximize windows and act as transitional spaces that bring the outdoors in. Southern sunrooms are bright, inviting spaces that are meant to be a place the whole family can gather and spend time together. Design your sunroom with that goal in mind and you will create a space that will build years of family memories.

How To Design a Southern Sunroom

Southern Sunroom

Determine How You Want To Use The Room

The key to designing any room is to design it around the needs of your family. Take into consideration how your family would most benefit from using the space. Keep that intended use in mind the whole time you are planning your space to ensure that you achieve the desired function.

Select Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

The great thing about sunrooms is that they bring the outdoors in without exposing your furniture to the elements. For this reason, it is a great place to proudly display high-quality outdoor furniture with plush cushions and plenty of throw pillows. The more comfortable the space is, the more inviting it will be to both friends and family members. Think about the number of people that will be using the space and choose a combination of sofas, love seats, and chairs that can accommodate all those people.

Add Coordinating Tables

Side tables, coffee tables, and bistro tables are all great choices for decorating a sunroom. They provide you with a place to put a book, rest a glass, or display decorative trinkets. These tables can match the furniture or be from an entirely different set within the same overall style for a more collected-over-time look.

Display Plants

Sunrooms are intended to be transitional spaces where you can sit and enjoy your property. Bring a little bit of the outdoors into your sunroom by displaying plants throughout. These plants can be the same that are planted outside or, if you lack a green thumb, artificial alternatives that provide the same look without any of the work.

Enjoy the Space

The best way to determine what your sunroom still needs is to spend some time in it. Gather the family and spend a few hours enjoying the space. Think about the things you go to other rooms for and consider finding a place for items like those right in the sunroom. Maybe it is a favorite board game or a basket of yarn for knitting. Whatever the item, create a home for it where you want to use it.

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