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Decorating with Pencil Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees come in so many more styles than realistic-looking firs. The mere fact that they are manufactured out of lasting synthetic materials means that they can be built to accommodate any desired style and need. Decorating with pencil Christmas trees is another big trend for 2014.

Pencil Christmas Trees

Pencil Christmas Trees

What is a Pencil Tree?

A pencil tree is a shape of artificial christmas tree that is tall but slender. The small diameter of this tree makes it perfect for decorating small spaces. They are ideal for small apartments, narrow foyers, hallways, or even a dorm room. Pencil trees are such a great option because they allow you to display your favorite Christmas ornaments and tree toppers while maintaining a minuscule footprint.

Pencil Tree Options

Pencil trees are available in both realistic and colorful varieties. These trees are available as short as 2 feet and as tall as 15 feet, with every height in between. To truly appreciate all the options available, you must take the time to browse through our incredible collection. Some of my personal favorites are the metallic colors (champagne, antique gold, and mocha) and the flocked options. The bright blues, pinks, purples, and greens are great options as well, especially for decorating a play room or child’s bedroom.

Decorating Pencil Trees

Pencil trees can be decorated just as lavishly as any full-width Christmas tree.  Ribbons, tree skirts, tinsel, ornaments, and even tree toppers look spectacular on these slim trees. Because they are so narrow, their bases can even be placed inside a large basket, urn, vase, or other decorative container. If a pencil tree is a secondary tree in your home, it is also a great opportunity to decorate a themed tree. Deck it out all in snowflakes, in fun character ornaments, or any other theme that inspires you.

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