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Decorating for Labor Day: 10 Labor Day Decoration Ideas

Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means Labor Day is right around the corner. Decorating for Labor Day is a fun way to show your patriotism, especially if you are planning on hosting a Labor Day barbecue or cookout. Get inspired to decorate your home for Labor Day with these 10 Ideas. Hopefully they will inspire you to throw a Labor Day party the whole neighborhood will enjoy.

Decorating for Labor Day

Labor Day Wreath

1. Hang a Patriotic Wreath

Changing out the wreath on your front door is one of the easiest and fastest ways to decorate your home seasonally. A lovely wreath enhances curb appeal. This wreath is a great example because not only is it a great choice for Labor day, but it can also be used at 4th of July and Christmas.

If you want to further enhance the look of this holiday wreath, add a removable bow. A ribbon can be changed out from time to time to breathe new life into this spectacular wreath.

2. Add Lights to A Tree or Topiary

While we are talking about decorating the front of your home for Labor Day, let us talk about one of our favorite ways to decorate seasonally. Outdoor trees and topiaries are a beautiful addition to your entryway year-round but there is one easy way they can be transformed for the holidays.

Simply choose a strand of red, white and blue LED lights and wrap them around your topiary and tree. If you want to take it to the next level, add a bit of patriotic ribbon around the base or add a fluffy bow to the top of your topiary.

Labor Day Lights
Labor Day Decorations

3. Bring A Pop of Color to Patio Furniture

When you start with neutral patio furniture, you really have the freedom to accessorize the pieces seasonally. The addition of bright red cushions completely transforms the look of this white patio table. Get ready for your barbecue by addition cushions, pillows, or even a table cloth in red, white, and blue.

4. Cool Off Your Drinks

You can’t have a Labor Day Party without plenty of ice cold beverages for your friends and family. This bright red patio cooler doesn’t just add a pop of color to your deck decor, it also offers plenty of space to cool off drinks for everyone on your block. The shelf below provides a great place to store an extra box of drinks while a bottle opener and receptacle on the side makes popping open that ice-cold beer a breeze.

Patio Cooler
American Flag Light Sphere

5. Show Off The Red, White & Blue

Labor Day decorations simply would not be complete without the American flag represented. Do this in a bright and fun way with this fun light Sphere. Hang it from a tree, the top of a pergola, or beneath a balcony to illuminate your outdoor space well into the evening. This fun lighted sphere can be used again on 4th of July and Memorial day.

6. Accessorize with Decorative Ribbon

We have talked about using ribbon to add a patriotic touch to your existing wreaths and topiaries. Ribbon such as this is a great choice for decorating on a budget. The sparkly, open-work design adds eye-catching interest anywhere you decorate with it. Combine this pretty ribbon with a spool in red and white to create a cohesive design.

Decorating for Labor Day
Patio Lights

7. Suspend Patio Lights

Extend your Labor Day party long into the evening, consider decorating your deck or patio with beautiful patio lights. These big and beautiful lights look amazing suspended from the bottom of a pergola, along a railing, or draping a fence line. These lovely lights are a great way to illuminate a party.

8. Add A Patio Umbrella

Cast a little shade over your backyard barbecue with the addition of this big blue umbrella. The tilt design allows you to direct the shade where you need it as the sun moves across the daytime sky. Patio umbrellas are available in a wide range of colors and offer a great way to infuse a fresh hue to your space.

Patio Umbrella
Fire Pit

9. Fire Pit

Give your guests a place to gather around by placing a fire pit on your deck or patio. Whether you simply want to warm up your deck or you want the whole neighborhood to roast s’mores, this fire pit will be a welcomed addition to your space. Once your Labor Day party is over, this fire pit will still be an enticing addition to your deck or patio. It is the perfect addition to transition your deck to fall.

10. Add a Grill

A traditional Labor Day would not be complete without delicious burgers served up on the grill. This deluxe grill is a great choice for your back yard. It offers two surfaces to hold plates and a convenient rolling cart.

Outdoor Grill


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