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Decorate for Fall with the Artificial Coffee Tree

Do you look forward to the changing of the leaves every year? Do you try to come up with ways to preserve the leaves from your yard so that you can enjoy them inside? If so, why not invest in the stunning fall coffee tree. This indoor artificial coffee tree features a single trunk that is topped with a thick display of stunning red, yellow, and orange leaves. The colorful leaves are perfectly offset with more than a thousand berries.

Fall Coffee Tree

Fall Coffee Tree


Where to Use It

This artificial coffee tree stands 6 feet tall, making it tall enough for large living rooms yet small enough for a loft or dining room. It is ideal for transitional spaces, such as sunrooms and large entryways because it perfectly reflects the outside surroundings. If you are like me and you live down south where the trees don’t display rich fall colors, this is a great way to get that look and bring the feeling of fall into your home.


Options to Choose From

This coffee tree comes either potted or unspotted. If you get it unspotted, you have the freedom of choosing the decorative planter that best coordinated with your interior décor. If you receive the potted plant, you can place it as soon as you pull it out of the box, give it a little spruce up and fluffing of the leaves, and be set to enjoy it for years to come.

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