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How to Decorate with Boxwood Balls: 5 Decorative Ideas

Boxwood balls can be found in nearly every home decor store right now. They are contemporary, geometric, and a must-have for any home. These versatile artificial orbs can be used to decorate both the inside or outside of your home. If you have always been drawn to them but never quite knew how to use them in your own space, here are some amazing ideas.

Boxwood Ball

1. Create a Custom Topiary

Place a boxwood ball over the opening of a tall urn or planter to create a custom topiary for your porch or deck. These easy DIY topiaries are super stylish and look amazing in pairs or rows.

2. Surround Them With Flowers

Outdoor boxwood balls can add a ton of visual interest to a flower bed. Place them in among low, creeping flowers and be amazed by the results. Because they are artificial they will not compete with the root structures of real plants.

3. Group Them in a Rock Garden

If you live in an arid climate such as Phoenix, chances are you could use a little extra greenery. Buy a bunch of boxwood balls in various sizes and group them together in the center of your rock garden. No water or trimming needed.

4. Hang Them From a Tree

Use some decorative outdoor ribbon or long strands of jute rope to hang a trio of boxwood balls from your favorite tree. This is such a fun way to add greenery and interest to a space, especially in the winter when all those branches are bare.

5. Top Tall Candlesticks

Our smallest boxwood balls are perfect for topping tall candlesticks. Line up candlesticks along your dining room table or buffet and top them off with boxwood balls for a clean and contemporary look.

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