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Christmas in July

The holidays can get expensive – fast. Instead of waiting until November to decide how you are decorating this year, why not have a little Christmas in July and do some of your holiday pre-planning? Buy your decorations now and free yourself up to focus on gift lists in December

Arolla Pine Tree

Arolla Pine Tree

The Tree
Natural trees can provide that great pine smell but they also require regular watering and finding that perfect shape cane be difficult. Think about making the switch to an artificial tree. The synthetic needles look just like the real thing and if you get a pre-lit version, you don’t have to meticulously hang strands of lights.

The Lights
The holidays just aren’t the same without all the beautiful twinkling lights. Pull your lights down out of attic, untangle them, and check to see if all the bulbs are working. This is a great time to sit down and decide on a lighting plan for the year. Once you know what you need, go ahead and stock up.

Window Décor
Windows that are on the front of your home are a great opportunity to really let your decorating skills shine. Oversized ornaments, wreaths, feet of lush garland, and candlesticks are all key ingredients for a beautiful vignette.

The Yard, The Masterpiece
Do you climb into the car each year and drive around town, looking for the house with the best Christmas decorations? Yours could be that go-to destination house this year, if you go all-out with your outdoor decorations. You have two main options, brightly colored lights, or an all-white and elegant winter wonderland. Take stock of your front yard and see what you have and what you could add on this year to take your decorations to the next level. Pre-lit reindeer, full arches, and UV resistant bows can all help your home become the best decorated home in the neighborhood.

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