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Christmas Decorating with Artificial Poinsettias

Few things are as iconic for the holidays as poinsettias. This classic plant has been decorating the homes and businesses of America during the holidays for over a hundred years. Today we are going to offer up 10 different products and a way to use each one of them to decorate your home this Christmas. Christmas decorating with artificial poinsettias is as easy as stealing a couple of these ideas.

Poinsettia Decorations1. Deck Out a Door

Decorating the inside of your front door is every bit as important as the outside of the front door. A spectacular poinsettia wreath will be a favorite focal point all month long. Wreaths like these can be hung from a wreath hook, nail, or even an adhesive wreath hook.

2. Create a Welcoming Entryway

Give your guests the best first impression possible by flanking your doorway with a pair of these incredible artificial trees with poinsettia accents. With so many sizes and styles to choose from you are sure to find the perfect one for your front porch.

3. Decorate a Masterful Mantel

A mantel is one of the best opportunities for showcasing holiday decor. Every season, take a half hour and redecorate this area. Our poinsettia and berry centerpiece is the perfect pairing for a Christmas Wreath or gilded mirror hanging on the wall.

4. Accessorize a Christmas Tree

Everyone decorates a tree with ornaments but if you want to take your tree to the next level, accessorize it with other items as well, including ribbons and glittered twigs, and of course, artificial poinsettia stems. You don’t have to stick with the classic red. You could always opt for one of our more colorful options, such as gold, light blue, silver, or even purple.

5. Line a Banister

Take your banister from boring to beautiful by lining it with strands of poinsettia garlands.  When you reach the bottom of the banister, finish it off with a matching teardrop that hangs in front of that first support.

6. Create a Custom Arrangement

Turn any old vase into a beautiful holiday decoration by filling it with an assortment of artificial poinsettia stems. Feature a single poinsettia stem in a bud vase or a huge array of them in a larger vase.

7. Style Your Dining Space

Serve up your holiday meals in a stylish space that you have decorated with a festive centerpiece, such as our triple candelabrum. This long and skinny arrangement makes decorating easy. Place it on your dining table or buffet and fill it with the unscented candles of your choice. We recommend unscented candles so they don’t compete with the fragrance of your food during dinner.

8. Decorate a Guest Bathroom

With just a couple minutes and a few inexpensive products you can completely decorate your guest bathroom for the holidays. Trade out the regular soap for a peppermint scented one, add some red hand towels, and place a beautiful artificial poinsettia in a small vase on the bathroom vanity.

9. Accessorize a Guest Bathroom

With just a couple minutes and a few inexpensive items you can accessorize a guest bathroom for the holidays. Trade out your regular soap for a peppermint scented version, hang some red hand towels, and place a beautiful little poinsettia on the vanity counter.

10. Create a Festive Foyer

What is a table without a beautiful floral arrangement? Whether you have a skinny console table along the wall or a big round table in the center of a grand foyer, a potted poinsettia is the perfect holiday decor.

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