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Christmas Color Trend: Mixing Metallics

Every year there are new color schemes that not only make the leap from home decor to Christmas decorations. Mixing metallics is one such color trend. If you love the glitzy glam of gold or the crisp shine of silver, this is going to be the collection of Christmas products for you.

Mixed Metallics Wreath

Metallic Hues

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Champagne
  • Rose Gold

Metallic Christmas Trees

Colorful Christmas trees have grown in popularity in recent years and one of our favorite versions are metallic tinsel trees. These artificial trees come in a wide range of sizes and colors but all of them have a way of adding incredible style and sophistication to a room.

Champagne Tree VCK5023-N500107-IE-1 Copper Poinsettia Stem

Metallic Wreaths and Garlands

The beauty doesn’t have to stop with the trees themselves. We also carry a wide range of metallic wreaths and garlands. Choose just one or purchase an entire coordinating line to outfit an entire room.

Metallic Ornaments

Once you have outfitted your home or office with Metallic trees, garlands, and wreaths, it is time to dress them up with a little bit of bling. Choose some beautiful metallic ornaments to complete the look. These ornaments are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and textures. Mix and match them all to create a visually interesting end result.

Mixing and Matching

All of the metallic hues are beautiful in their own right, but something very special happens when you mix multiple shades together. The key to mixing and matching multiple colors is making sure that you add some variety of texture as well. Pick the items that speak to you, use them to transform your home this holiday season, and then be sure to share your results with us. We would love to see how you have mixed and matched metallics in your Christmas decor. Share pictures with us on Facebook or Pinterest!

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