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10 Artificial Outdoor Trees You’re Sure to Love

Artificial trees aren’t just for indoors anymore. Our huge collection of artificial outdoor trees are perfect for rooftop decks, balconies, patios, porches, restaurants, and corporate buildings. They look incredibly realistic, never require watering, and have a special UV protection that prevents them from fading in the sunlight.

Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination about where you could use these artificial outdoor trees on your property:

•    Flanking a front or side door of your home or business
•    Lining a pathway or driveway
•    Surrounding a circular flower bed inside of a paved structure
•    Lining a patio or deck
•    Weaved into a restaurant’s outdoor seating
•    Creating privacy in your backyard or commercial outdoor space for customers
•    To add elegance and privacy to an outdoor event or party
•    To evoke a certain atmosphere such as a tropical paradise, a sun-spackled city in the Mediterranean, or a cozy chateau nestled in rural France.

Whatever feel and look you are going for, you can benefit from the relaxing qualities greenery provides for both your family and customers, all the while minimizing any maintenance work and improving the level of privacy for further enjoyment of the outdoors.

5 Foot Plumeria

5 Foot Artificial Plumeria

If you want a tree that is a true show-stopper, this is it. The big, rich green leaves are perfectly offset by the pink plumeria flowers. The twisting and forked trunk adds to the realistic look of this potted artificial tree.

3 Foot Ficus

3 Foot Artificial Ficus

The ficus tree is one of the most traditional indoor and outdoor trees. If you love the soft, beautiful look of this classic choice, this is the tree for you. Standing at just 3 feet tall, this ficus is ideal for balconies, porches, and entryways.

8 Foot Cedar

8 Foot Artificial Cedar

Hide an unsightly beam, add privacy to an exposed deck, or simply add height to your landscape with this beautiful 8-foot artificial cedar tree. Line them up to delineate the edge of your property or to create a beautiful privacy screen.

5 Foot Yucca

5 Foot Yucca

Celebrate your love for southwestern style with this 5-foot artificial yucca tree. The reaching leaves feature a variegated color that gives this artificial tree an even more realistic look.

5 Foot Birds Nest

5  Foot Artificial Birds Nest

Want something bold and beautiful for an outdoor dining room or front entry? This 5-foot artificial birds nest tree is just bursting with bright green leaves. Three trunks of various height are each topped with a beautiful display of foliage.

5 Foot Olive Tree

5 Foot Artificial Olive Tree

Add some contemporary style to your deck or patio with this beautiful olive tree. A single natural-looking trunk is topped with beautiful olive tree leaves.

7.5 Foot Areca Palm

7.5 Foot Artificial Areca Palm

Make your landscape a little bit more tropical with the addition of this artificial Areca palm tree. This big, bursting palm tree will remind you of your favorite vacation destination every time you step outside.

7 Foot Lariorpe Tree

7 Foot Lariope Tree

The 7-foot Lariope tree adds instant desert style to any outdoor space. This multi-trunk tree offers beauty at many different heights. It would look great beside a little sitting area or in the corner of a deck.

50 Inch Ming Arelia Tree

50 Inch Ming Arelia

What isn’t there to love about this stylish artificial tree? This tree is small enough for tight spaces. Imagine how beautiful they would be flanking a doorway, filling the corners of a balcony, or sitting between a couple of outdoor chairs.

5 Foot Pittosporum Tree

5 Foot Pittosporum

Add visual interest to any outdoor room with the addition of the 5-foot artificial Pittosporum tree. The twisting, winding trunks support bunches of rich green leaves.

Make Them Your Own

Many of our artificial plants and trees come already potted in a lovely planter for your immediate enjoyment in your home or commercial space. When you receive pre-potted tree, there are many different ways that you can use it. You can submerge the whole pot under the soil to make the tree look as though it is growing out of the soil. The paper mache pot that the tree comes in can also be placed directly into a planter or urn of your choice. Choosing an elevated urn or pot also allows you to increase the height of the artificial outdoor trees. Show us your finished creations.

If you’re looking for a beautiful urn to house your lovely outdoor artificial plant, check out our elegant options here.

If you’re looking to transform your residential or commercial outdoor space into an elegant, relaxing oasis, be sure to check out our wide selection of outdoor furniture and accessories. Our sectionals and living sets are exceptionally comfortable and sleek, providing a true resort-like feel. The outdoor umbrellas offer some relief from the sun either on a patio or next to a pool. And finally, one of our outdoor heating products, like a fire pit, chimenea, or patio heater, is the perfect addition to your home’s back patio or your business’s outdoor seating area or lounge for guests to cozy up, sip cocktails, and unwind under the stars.

Contact us today about any of our lovely outdoor lifestyle products and take advantage of our design expertise to help you create the perfect outdoor space for your property.

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