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Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are one of the most classic holiday decorations of all time. They are absolutely essential to an overall decorating scheme and most homes feature more than one. With such a wide selection of artificial Christmas wreaths available today, choosing the perfect one for you can be totally daunting. Our ultimate buyer’s guide to artificial Christmas wreaths helps you take the guess work out of choosing your ideal holiday wreath.

Artificial Wreath Varieties

Determine Where You Want Your Wreath

Before you can start browsing for wreaths, you must first decide how you want to use it and where you would like it placed. This will help you determine desired size, look, and quantity. I will give you a couple of examples. If you have double front doors you will need two matching wreaths whereas if you have a single front door, one will suffice. If you are hanging the wreath over your mantle you will need to consider both size and color scheme of the rest of the decorations for that room. Alright, take just a few minutes and consider where you could use a wreath. If you have more than one location in mind jot them both down.

Determine Use

This is a great way to narrow down your search because the answer is so clear. There are three basic uses for artificial wreaths: indoor, outdoor, and both. If in doubt, choose both. Outdoor wreaths are particularly designed to hold up to the elements while indoor wreaths are not. You can use outdoor wreaths indoors but you should not use indoor wreaths outdoors.

Determine Size

Once you know where you want a wreath to be placed, it is so much easier to start narrowing down your search by size. We carry artificial Christmas wreaths from as small as 9 inches in diameter to as large as 15 feet in diameter. Get out a measuring tape and gauge how large of a wreath you need to occupy the space in question. Once you know what diameter or range of diameters work for you, click on the coordinating boxes on the left hand side of the Christmas Wreaths page on our website and narrow your search accordingly.

Determine Type

With the hundreds of options already narrowed by size, it is much easier to browse the available types within that range. There are two overall looks of wreaths that you can choose between: the natural look of cedar, spruce, fir, pine, and cypress wreaths or the unrealistic look of decorative artificial wreaths such as flocked, tinsel, colorful, berry, and ornament wreaths. Below are just a brief list of some of the most common wreath types. This is by no means a complete list and new wreaths are being added all the time.

  • Pine Wreaths
  • Fir Wreaths
  • Mixed Needle Wreaths
  • Spruce Wreaths
  • Cedar Wreaths
  • Cypress Wreaths
  • Tinsel Wreaths
  • Ornament Wreaths
  • Flocked Wreaths
  • Berry Wreaths
  • Colorful Wreaths
  • Burlap Wreaths

Under types, check the boxes of any varieties that interest you. The great thing about our system is that you are able to check as many or as few boxes as you like. If you aren’t quite sure yet, you can always move on to a different category to narrow your search.

Choose Your Light Type

Just like artificial Christmas trees, holiday wreaths are available in both pre-lit and unlit versions. Of course, there are many different lighting options within the pre-lit category. Below are just a handful of the beautiful lighting varieties.

  • G40 Lights
  • Italian LED Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Fiber Optic Lights
  • Mini Lights

One of my favorite options are the battery operated wreaths. These have a small battery pack that operates the lights instead of long power cords. This is a fantastic option for doors and mantles because you don’t have to worry about hiding a cord.

Additional Categories

Today we talked in-depth about some of the most common ways to narrow your search for Christmas wreath but there are some other categories offered that may help you choose the wreath that is perfect for you. Keep in mind that you can use as many or as few of these categories as needed to help you find the wreath that will be decorating your home for many holiday seasons to come. Some additional categories include tip type, width, light color, price, and light count.



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