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Bar Stools, Table Stools, and Vanity Stools in Every Style

Find the perfect stools for every function within our collection. We offer a wide assortment of bar stools, counter stools, vanity stools, and table stools that are a beautiful and stylish addition to a home. Just because stools are functional doesn’t mean they can’t still be packed with style. From sleek and modern to ultra glam, this collection of stools encompasses nearly every type of style.

Bar Stool 1 Bar Stool 2 Bar Stool 3

Bar Stools

Bars are surfaces that are elevated above normal counter height and designed for casual dining. Bar stools are tall and often feature a footrest for added comfort. These are some of the most common stools used in the home, which makes the range of selection truly exceptional.

Counter Stool 1 Counter Stool 2 Counter Stool 3

Counter Stools

Counter stools have risen in popularity in recent years. Kitchen islands also feature an extension of the countertop that provides additional dining space. These countertop extensions require counter stools for seating.

Vanity Stool 1 Vanity 2 Vanity Stool 3

Vanity Stools

Vanities can be built in to the bathroom or purchased separately. No matter which type of vanity you have, these stools are built to enhance the design as well as the function. Make getting ready in the morning a real treat, instead of a chore.

Table Stool 1 Table Stool 2 Table Stool 3

Table Stools

Table stools are some of the most versatile stools we have. These beautifully designed items act as beautiful accent tables but are strong enough to be used as a stool as well. Place them in a foyer, living room, or at the foot of the bed and you will be shocked by how often they come in handy.


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