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Accentuate Architecture with the Right Artificial Plants

Have you ever noticed that older homes have a great deal of character? Frequently, the character is in the details. Many older homes contain a great deal of architectural detail. Columns, crown molding, large baseboards, chair rails, and wainscoting all add a great deal of visual interest to the interior design. While adding these features to an existing home is expensive, there are several ways to incorporate these concepts without breaking the bank. Use artificial plants to add visual interest and honor your home’s history.

Artificial Fern in Urn

Artificial Fern in Urn

Salvage History

Old windows and doors can be found at many antique shops and salvage yards.  They frequently have interesting hardware and wood trim.  Hang a window or prop an old door against the wall for drama.

Antique wooden shutters are another interesting addition to an interior space. Leave the old layers of paint for added drama.


Have a Substantial Entryway

Columns add substance to an entry or archway. While adding a column to an existing home is expensive, potted plants can produce the same effect for a fraction of the cost. A 6-foot potted plant placed on either side of an entryway can create the same visual impact.  Select a narrow plant such as a dracaena for a small entry. A wider entry or archway can handle a larger potted plant such as a ficus or fiddle leaf fig.


Focal Fireplace

Make your fireplace more of a focal point by flanking it with a 3-foot plant in an urn. For the mantle, choose a wider plant with a lower profile such as grape ivy. These small changes can make your interior pop with color and visual interest.

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