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Define Your Outdoor Space with Artificial Hedges

Are you looking to break up a big yard without surrounding it with unattractive fences? Artificial hedges are a great way to break up a large yard into smaller sections. In smaller areas artificial edges can provide privacy and beauty at the same time. Here are three ways you could use artificial hedges in your own space.

5 Sided Boxwood Hedge

5 Sided Boxwood Hedge

Hide Unsightly Items

Obscure your yard’s not-so-beautiful elements with strategically placed artificial hedges. Tall, skinny hedges can hide outdated pillars or posts while long, tall ones can hide ugly air conditioning units.


Define Individual Spaces

If you have one expansive yard you can break them up into individual spaces. Surround a backyard playground or a vegetable garden. You could even line a walkway from a back porch to a dock. If you have a sudden hill or drop off use a line of hedges to keep kids from running too far behind the house.


Mobile Hedges

Are you looking for something you can move around easily? Potted artificial boxwoods are a great option. They can be used to flank a doorway or as decoration when spaced apart and placed around the perimeter of a pool or patio.

How will you use artificial hedges at your home?

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