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A Complete Guide to Christmas Lights

Brightening your home, both inside and out, is easy when you know exactly what Christmas lights you need to complete each job. Today, there are so many different types of lights available. It can be difficult to know exactly what lights to use for each decorating project. Let’s break down our most popular types of Christmas lights so you know exactly what you need to decorate for the holidays.

Guide to Christmas Lights

Christmas Mini Lights

Mini Lights

Mini lights are one of the most popular varieties of Christmas lights
because of both their size and their versatility. These lights are what
everyone thinks of when they decorate their tree each year. In addition
to decorating trees, these lights can also be used to wrap garlands,
wreaths, banisters, and more. If there is one type of light you keep in
stock, these would be the lights.

They are available with your choice of white, brown or green wire and
bases and come in a variety of lighting colors. The length of strand you
purchase determines how many lights you will have. There are 35, 50
and 100-light strands available.

Wide-Angle LED Lights

This is a modern take on the traditional mini lights. These LED lights
are designed to put out more light with a smaller and more energy-
efficient bulb. Like the mini lights, these light strands are used to wrap
Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and more.

If you are looking to change out your Christmas lights, consider
changing them out for these contemporary beauties. They are
available in a rainbow of colors, with each color more beautiful than
the last.

Wide-Angle LED Lights

Battery-operated Christmas Lights

Battery-Operated Lights

Battery-operated lights are one of our favorite items to have on hand
for the holidays. The reason we love them so much is because they can
be used in so many different ways. Each strand has a battery pack attached
to the end, eliminating the need to run a plug to an outlet.

This allows you to use them to decorate a wreath, wrap a banister, or
illuminate the top of your kitchen cabinets. Just pop in some batteries and
your decorating is done.

Icicle Lights

Extend your holiday decor with beautiful icicle lights. These lights look
like mini lights but are arranged on the wire so they hang down to simulate
the look of icicles. These are a fantastic addition to the edge of a mantle.
They can also be used to line a banister, decorate an architectural ledge, and more.

Because they are available in so many different styles, it is easy to
coordinate these lights with the rest of the light strands you use around the

Christmas Icicle Lights

Italian LED Christmas Lights

Italian LED Lights

These Christmas lights are low on energy but big on style. The shape of the
lights loosely resembles traditional mini lights but are reimagined in a
whole new way.

If you are tired of buying inexpensive lights and replacing them year after
year, make the switch to LED lights. They look great and come with a
5-year limited warranty. These lights are available in a wide range of wire
and light colors, making it easy to pick the perfect combination for every
Christmas decorating project.


G-12 Christmas Lights

When you catch a glimpse of those beautiful round Christmas lights but
have no idea what they are or what they are called, G-12 lights are what you
have discovered. These statement-making Christmas lights are slightly
more expensive than traditional mini lights or LED lights but they look amazing.

These lights come in a wide range of colors and because they don’t look like
traditional Christmas lights, they can be used to decorate for virtually any
holiday. Add them to a Halloween tree, Valentine’s Day Wreath, or Easter

G-12 Christmas Lights
C6 Christmas Lights


These lights look like little cut glass cones and have a way of really dressing
up a tree, wreath, or mantle. These lights are a great addition to traditional
homes with some historic elements. The shape provides a soft glow as
opposed to a bright glare.

Like our other Christmas lights, the C6 strands are available in many
different bulb and wire colors. They also come in a variety of different
strand lengths, allowing you to illuminate any project you want.

Rope Lights

When you want to add a graphic element or outline to your holiday
decorations, rope lights can help you do just that. These lights feature a
tube that is filled with lights. These tubes can be used to outline a piece of
furniture, add a subtle glow to the upper or lower lip of your kitchen
cabinets, or back light an art piece.

While rope lights are very popular during the Christmas season, they are
aslo popular at other times of the year as well. These lights come in many
different lengths and multiple strands can be connected together to create
a longer strand.


Rope Lights

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