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10 Tips for Designing an Outdoor Living Room

Do you flip through design magazines wishing that you had an outdoor living space every bit as beautiful as those featured? Creating a well designed outdoor living room can seem daunting but these 10 tips will help you achieve incredible results.

Lloyd:Flanders Hamptons Sectional

Lloyd:Flanders Hamptons Sectional

1. Choose a View

The first part of designing any space is deciding what the focal point of the space is. Stand on your deck or patio and look in every direction. Decide what the best view is and position all your furniture toward that focal point. If you don’t have a great view, consider using a fireplace, fountain, floral wall, or curtains to improve the view.

2. Add a Fire Source

It is important to consider all times of day and all seasons of the year when you design your outdoor space. A fireplace, fire pit, fire table, or chimenea is an absolute essential. They can be used in the evenings to warm up your space and some of them even offer up a place to grill out or roast some smores.

3. Choose a Theme and Color Scheme

A great design starts with a clear theme or color scheme. Are you going to create a shabby chic retreat, tropical oasis, mountain lodge, rustic getaway, or modern living room? Take the time to think about your desired theme and color scheme and keep them in the front of your mind every time you make a furniture, decor, or accessory selection.

4. Add Comfortable Seating

How much or how little you use your outdoor living room is completely dependent on how comfortable the seating is and whether there is enough for everyone in the family. Think about how you want to use the space when choosing your items. Add a combination of sofas, chairs, benches, lounge chairs, and ottomans. Cushions, pillows, and the occasional blanket will make sure they are even more inviting.

5. Select Side Tables

Everyone seated should have a place to rest a drink, book, or plate of snacks. Perfectly placed side tables and coffee tables make all the difference and make an outdoor living room feel just like an indoor living room.

6. Choose an Outdoor Rug

A well placed rug can make the whole face feel more cozy and help define the space. A rug is also a great way to introduce color, pattern, and texture.

7. Light the Space

Once the sun goes down you need another source of light. String lights hanging from above can add an instant ambiance and is a perfect way to light parties. Wall sconces, tiki torches, fire pits, and candles are all ways that you can help illuminate your outdoor space.

8. Wall Decor

Think of your outdoor living room just like an indoor one. The decorating should include wall spaces too. Curtains hanging from pergolas can help create a wall feeling when you don’t have one. Mirrors, pictures, and ironwork decorations are all great ways to spruce up your wall space. You could even create a whole wall of boxwood mats.

9. Decorate with Plants

Outdoor spaces require the outdoors to be infused in them. The most successful designer spaces have a large variety of potted plants, trees, and flowers placed throughout the room.

10. Accessorize

Once all the big parts of your design are done, take a few minutes to step back and look at your space. Add in some little accessories like table runners, citronella candles, baskets, blankets, and pillows will add just the right finishing touch.

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