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10 Reasons to Use Artificial Christmas Trees in Your Office

It is that time of year when you have to start deciding what you are going to do about your corporate holiday decorations this year. Let us help answer that age-old debate between choosing real Christmas trees or artificial Christmas trees to decorate your office. We have 10 fantastic reasons for making life easy on yourself and opting for synthetic trees this year.

Full Down Swept Douglas Fir

1. Allergies

You never know which of your employees, customers or clients have allergies. Make sure your office is a safe and healthy environment for them by decorating artificial Christmas trees.

2. A Better Investment

Purchasing large natural Christmas trees may seem less expensive the first year, but they are actually more expensive in the long run. Instead of purchasing new decorations each year or renting them from a decorating company, you can purchase your own artificial decorations and use them year after year. When you are ready for a change, switch out the ornaments, not the trees and garlands.

3. So Easy to Set Up

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way in recent years. Many of them are modeled after natural types of pine trees. Pre-lit trees take the guess work out of stringing lights and even offer energy-efficient lighting options. The trees themselves snap together in minutes and some are even self fluffing. The hardest part of using an artificial tree is deciding which one to purchase in the first place.

4. No Maintenance

When you decorate an office with real Christmas trees, someone is left with the responsibility of watering the tree, sweeping up fallen pine needles, etc. When the office is closed for the weekend, the tree goes a few days without those chores being done. Artificial trees are maintenance free. Set them up and forget about them until it is time to take them back down.

5. Keep it Up All Month Long

Artificial Trees aren’t going to dry out and lose all their needles like natural trees. Put them up at the end of November or the beginning of December and they will stay looking fantastic right through the holidays.

6. There Are So Many Styles

There is a much wider range of styles and colors available when you choose artificial Christmas trees to decorate your office with. Stay traditional with a pine or mix things up and choose a colorful tree that coordinates with your corporate logo. The possibilities give you the freedom to decorate in ways that coordinate beautifully with the look and style of the office.

7. There are Coordinating Wreaths and Garlands

Almost all of the artificial Christmas trees in our line has a coordinating wreath, garland, swag, or teardrop to go along with it. Pick all the lovely items from the same line to decorate the whole office in a cohesive manner.

8. So Many Shapes and Sizes

When you have a tight space and need a tree that is short, narrow, slender, or flat-backed, we carry all those options. There is a perfect tree for every space when you purchase artificial.

9. Environmentally Friendly

Instead of depleting the natural tree population, opt for an artificial tree that you can use for the next decade. Take it a step farther by choosing an artificial Christmas tree pre-lit with energy efficient LED lights.

10. No Risk of Critters

When you bring a natural tree into your office there is always a risk of bringing in unwanted critters along with it. There is nothing worse than coming into the office one morning to find that a preying mantis nest or spider nest has been lurking in your tree all along.

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